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Our Team
Anatoliy Meshcheryak
Сo-founder, marketing specialist, business process organizer.
Vladislav Nazymok
Сo-founder, technical artist,
lead 3D artist.
Svetlana Kovalenko
Project manager, works with foreign partners.
Maksym Fedchyshyn
Account manager, translator, personnel management.
Prices and Terms
Interior from 5$ sq/km
Exterior from 300$
Animation from 5-10$/sec
Interactive presentation from 300$ (allows to look round the room 360° by rotation of your mouse)
Terms - interior and exterior takes from 3 days.
Subject modeling and visualization of products from 100$
Animation of products + rendering/delineation of video from 5 to 15$/sec
Terms - from 2 days. Depends on the complexity of the geometry and materials of which the object is made.
3D Characters from 400$ - 3 days
2D Characters from 200$ - 2 days
Character animation from 300$ - 2 days
Buildings and scenery from 150$ - 2 days
Development of levels and surroundings - depends on a project.
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